We are an official society of the University of York, UK

Public talks from Blockchain experts

Every term there'll be opportunities to attend talks by some of the leading experts of Blockchain in the UK. The talks will give you an opportunity to broaden your knowledge around the newest trends in the Blockchain sphere, and network with those in the Blockchain circles.

Collaborate with fellow Blockchain enthusiasts

Unleash your innovative side at the Blockchain Development Society. Weekly meetups enable you to collaborate with fellow students on blockchain projects to help solve the big problems facing the world today. This is a brilliant society for meeting like-minded people!

Monthly lectures get you up to speed with all things blockchain in no time!

The Blockchain Development Society accepts people of all abilities! We believe anyone with the right mindset can learn about blockchain and be proponents of the technology in the future. We present several lectures throughout the year that help make the learning a whole lot easier!